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Over the past several years companies not in the Fortune 500 were getting frustrated not being easily found in Google/Yahoo and other major search engines. Pay Per Click Advertising costs were rising to $30- $40 just for 1 certain word. Seeing the need to assist the mid-size and smaller firms with a Non-Pay-Per-Click Advertising program, we invented a new type of Internet Advertising. Our Web Advertising Services(division of Sozo Hosting Inc.) were recently announced and are offering all the benefits you see below including your Ad Caption in 4 Search Sites and a full page Ad on 20+ Business Directores.  Use our web advertsing services as an Atlanta Business Directory or Atlanta Business Listings. Click on this FREE White Pages Listings link and get your business listed for free.

Sozo Hosting Inc. headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Sozo Hosting specializes in Windows Dedicated Server, Linux Dedicated Server, Coldfusion Dedicated Server hosting. 

Best Internet Advertising for Your Site, Product and Services

Get on multiple search engines to drive more traffic to your Site.  We give you an Advertising Page on over 20 Business Directories with a Corporate Logo, a Product or Service image (with separate hyperlinks to take them right into your site to sign up for a service/product!) and text for your Ad! 

Free Advertising Account When You Sign Up For FREE White Pages Listings  

Click on this link more information on Web FREE White Pages Listings . Click on this FREE White Pages Sign Up Page link to sign up now and get more exposure on the web!  Get your web site on 20+ business directories with your FREE White Pages Ad Caption that you can edit as often as desired.

Get the Full Page Ad Service to display your Full Page Ad on over 20 Business Directories

Web Surfers can find your Full Page Ad on the following 20 + Business Directories shown by clicking on the following link:   Full Page Ad

Your Web Site and Ad Caption is entered on 4 Business Search Sites

Your web site is entered into all 4 business Search Sites. The results screen on each of these 4 search sites not only gives a link to your Home Page, and not only gives a link to your separate Advertising Page but also shows your Advertising Caption right in the middle of the screen. The 4 Business search sites can be found on:,, and .

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